Multipurpose Degreaser

UNICOIL® Multipurpose degreaser which emulsifies rapidly for quick removal with water. It is a rapid quick break degreaser manufactured from a high power solvent combined with a selected biodegradable emulsifier system for quick, efficient operation and is ideal for use with waste recovery systems where separators or oil skimmers are installed

Main Benefits

  • Improved cold-temperature startup & pumping.
  • Reduced oil consumption (10-20%) relative to mono-grad.
  • Excellent piston deposit control & balanced sulphated ash level reducing valve surface deposits.
  • Minimizes varnish, gum and sludge deposits through exceptional oxidation/nitration control, reducing oil thickening and increasing oil life.
  • Low phosphorus content ensures exhaust system catalyst compatibility, and maximizes unit’s service life.
  • Protects against copper lead bearing corrosion.


UNICOIL® Multipurpose Degreaser Suitable for crankcase lubrication of wide range of natural gas fueled engines of high compression ratio and turbo charged models where oils meeting API CF and United States Engine Manufacturer’s Association (US EMA) low ash category are required. Also suitable for Two-cycle stationary engines on natural gas or LPG, also may be used in older-four-cycle stationary  engines running on natural gas or LPG.

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